Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Techniques to improve our lives

Are there science-based techniques to help us improve our lives in less than a minute? Yes, here I leave you with the second part of a summary of some of the most interesting studies .

The most reliable clues to uncover a lie are the words we use , and that liars tend to get into less detail, hesitate more and try to avoid references to themselves ( I , me , mine) . In addition , we often lie 20% less in emails in phone calls , because the words are written and may return to haunt us in the future.

Buy a pot for office

Decorating the office with plants increased by 15% the number of creative ideas to help men and women to offer original solutions to problems. Plants reduce stress and put in a good mood , which , in turn , fosters creativity .

Touch the upper arm

Touching briefly someone in the upper arm makes you more willing to accept a request , because that contact is unconsciously perceived as a sign of higher status .

In a study on dating, that little touch increased by 20% the number of people who accepted an invitation to dance in a pub and 10% the number of people giving their phone number to a stranger on the street .

Write about your relationship

Couples who spend a few minutes a week writing their thoughts and deepest feelings about their relationship 20% increase your chances of staying together . This " expressive writing " makes couples more positive use language to talk to each other , which leads to a more healthy and happy .

Consider your legacy

If we think for a minute that a close friend attend our funeral , and reflect on our personal and professional legacy , it is easier to identify long-term goals and evaluate whether we are moving forward to achieve them.

To eat less

The normally slow combination was more effective than eating slowly throughout the meal , indicating that the secret to feeling satisfied is to start with the usual speed , then savor each bites. So if you want to drink less , stay away from the flat and be faithful glasses high and narrow . To reduce food intake , make sure not to have anything tempting before saving it to a hard to reach place , like the top of a pantry or basement. The distractions during eating , such as watching TV , reading a magazine or even talk to other people , make us eat more .

We do not need to carry a diary like Samuel Pepys toward making you get the same effect if scribble what you eat on a Post -it or send you an email. According to this theory , be aware of what you consume daily will help to abandon old habits and eat less .

The results reveal that participants with light packs potatoes potatoes consumed twice than those with large bags . The researchers speculated that those with light bags did not feel the need to control both and therefore they end up eating more .

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