Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Small ideas for a better life (Part I)

Today I will share with you the first part of a summary we can get concrete ideas and also scientifically proven that can help .

Developing the attitude of gratitude

Have someone write down three things they have done well the previous week can significantly increase your happiness for a month or so. This, in turn , will make them more optimistic about the future and improve their physical health.

Commends the efforts of the children, not their ability

Praise the effort , rather than ability encourages them to keep trying regardless of the consequences , avoiding the fear of failure . That , in turn , makes them want to try with problems challenging them , they enjoy most of these problems and seek to in their spare time .

Imagine doing something , not succeeding

People who imagine giving practical steps to achieve a goal are more likely to succeed than those who merely fantasize their dreams come true . A very effective technique is to adopt a third-person perspective : those seen through the eyes of others are 20 % more likely to succeed than those who adopt a first-person perspective .

Insert the picture of a baby in your wallet

Insert the picture of a smiling baby in the portfolio increased by 30% the probability of the back if you lose it. The large eyes and small nose an old baby wake evolutionary mechanism that makes us more loving and therefore makes us more willing to return the wallet.

Put a mirror in the kitchen

When we put a mirror to serve various dishes , reduce the unhealthy food consumption by 32%. See our mirror image makes us more aware of our body and moves us to eat healthy .