Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Small ideas for a better life (Part I)

Today I will share with you the first part of a summary we can get concrete ideas and also scientifically proven that can help .

Developing the attitude of gratitude

Have someone write down three things they have done well the previous week can significantly increase your happiness for a month or so. This, in turn , will make them more optimistic about the future and improve their physical health.

Commends the efforts of the children, not their ability

Praise the effort , rather than ability encourages them to keep trying regardless of the consequences , avoiding the fear of failure . That , in turn , makes them want to try with problems challenging them , they enjoy most of these problems and seek to in their spare time .

Imagine doing something , not succeeding

People who imagine giving practical steps to achieve a goal are more likely to succeed than those who merely fantasize their dreams come true . A very effective technique is to adopt a third-person perspective : those seen through the eyes of others are 20 % more likely to succeed than those who adopt a first-person perspective .

Insert the picture of a baby in your wallet

Insert the picture of a smiling baby in the portfolio increased by 30% the probability of the back if you lose it. The large eyes and small nose an old baby wake evolutionary mechanism that makes us more loving and therefore makes us more willing to return the wallet.

Put a mirror in the kitchen

When we put a mirror to serve various dishes , reduce the unhealthy food consumption by 32%. See our mirror image makes us more aware of our body and moves us to eat healthy .

Techniques to improve our lives

Are there science-based techniques to help us improve our lives in less than a minute? Yes, here I leave you with the second part of a summary of some of the most interesting studies .

The most reliable clues to uncover a lie are the words we use , and that liars tend to get into less detail, hesitate more and try to avoid references to themselves ( I , me , mine) . In addition , we often lie 20% less in emails in phone calls , because the words are written and may return to haunt us in the future.

Buy a pot for office

Decorating the office with plants increased by 15% the number of creative ideas to help men and women to offer original solutions to problems. Plants reduce stress and put in a good mood , which , in turn , fosters creativity .

Touch the upper arm

Touching briefly someone in the upper arm makes you more willing to accept a request , because that contact is unconsciously perceived as a sign of higher status .

In a study on dating, that little touch increased by 20% the number of people who accepted an invitation to dance in a pub and 10% the number of people giving their phone number to a stranger on the street .

Write about your relationship

Couples who spend a few minutes a week writing their thoughts and deepest feelings about their relationship 20% increase your chances of staying together . This " expressive writing " makes couples more positive use language to talk to each other , which leads to a more healthy and happy .

Consider your legacy

If we think for a minute that a close friend attend our funeral , and reflect on our personal and professional legacy , it is easier to identify long-term goals and evaluate whether we are moving forward to achieve them.

To eat less

The normally slow combination was more effective than eating slowly throughout the meal , indicating that the secret to feeling satisfied is to start with the usual speed , then savor each bites. So if you want to drink less , stay away from the flat and be faithful glasses high and narrow . To reduce food intake , make sure not to have anything tempting before saving it to a hard to reach place , like the top of a pantry or basement. The distractions during eating , such as watching TV , reading a magazine or even talk to other people , make us eat more .

We do not need to carry a diary like Samuel Pepys toward making you get the same effect if scribble what you eat on a Post -it or send you an email. According to this theory , be aware of what you consume daily will help to abandon old habits and eat less .

The results reveal that participants with light packs potatoes potatoes consumed twice than those with large bags . The researchers speculated that those with light bags did not feel the need to control both and therefore they end up eating more .

Steps to find employment

This is one of the issues more ask me , so I've seen some ideas important to summarize the steps to get a job ,
is not science , it is more than anything ordering ideas logically, does not guarantee to find work , but they will expedite the process to find it.

1. Focus and research organizations should contact him ( strengths, needs , culture , market, and others )

    2. Check announcements labor supply , see and register in databases and other electronic services .
    3. Write emails / letters that arouse interest and request interviews in each of the companies - goal.
    4. Enter curricula tailored to each target organization . Companies do when they want to sell a product ? Invest in innovation , create differential value , adjust the qualities of the products to the customer needs and clearly promote . That's what you should do to sell himself .
    5. Contact to set up personal meetings , and try every occasion like level sales meetings .
    6. Bring data useful for businesses during interviews. So important is the interview in most cases are not necessarily the best candidates who get the job but the best interviewees.
    7. Keep in mind the analysis performed on the needs of each company, and try to make a best configuration of the situation during interviews.
    8. Adjust your expectations of remuneration according to their potential for the organization, but stay open to any suggestion .
    9. Send thank you notes to each interviewer after the interview and perform monitoring of the decision-making process .