Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Steps to find employment

This is one of the issues more ask me , so I've seen some ideas important to summarize the steps to get a job ,
is not science , it is more than anything ordering ideas logically, does not guarantee to find work , but they will expedite the process to find it.

1. Focus and research organizations should contact him ( strengths, needs , culture , market, and others )

    2. Check announcements labor supply , see and register in databases and other electronic services .
    3. Write emails / letters that arouse interest and request interviews in each of the companies - goal.
    4. Enter curricula tailored to each target organization . Companies do when they want to sell a product ? Invest in innovation , create differential value , adjust the qualities of the products to the customer needs and clearly promote . That's what you should do to sell himself .
    5. Contact to set up personal meetings , and try every occasion like level sales meetings .
    6. Bring data useful for businesses during interviews. So important is the interview in most cases are not necessarily the best candidates who get the job but the best interviewees.
    7. Keep in mind the analysis performed on the needs of each company, and try to make a best configuration of the situation during interviews.
    8. Adjust your expectations of remuneration according to their potential for the organization, but stay open to any suggestion .
    9. Send thank you notes to each interviewer after the interview and perform monitoring of the decision-making process .

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